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If you have fallen behind paying your bills and debts with no end in sight, you may be able to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy after exhausting all your options. This type of bankruptcy cancels many—or all—of your debts, giving yourself a fresh financial start in life.

At Dethlefs Pykosh & Murphy, we are committed to helping you liberate yourself from crippling debt to obtain financial freedom. Our York bankruptcy lawyers can review your finances, listen to your concerns, and determine if Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the best option for your needs and well-being.

The Process of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

If you attempted to consolidate your debt and/or negotiate with your creditors, but still continue to strong managing your debt, your last resort could be Chapter 7.

To qualify for this type of bankruptcy, you must pass the “means test” by deducting your living costs from your household’s gross monthly income. If your leftover disposal income is lower than the regional average, then you are eligible for Chapter 7.

The following are the benefits of Chapter 7 bankruptcy:

  • Most unsecured debts are discharged through liquidation
  • You don’t have to pay your creditors back
  • Attempts to collect debts will stop

When you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the court will appoint a bankruptcy trustee who will cancel your debts and/or liquidate some of your property to repay your creditors. Once you file, an “automatic stay” goes in effect, immediately stopping most creditors from attempting to collect what you owe them.

The entire process takes about four to six months. If you have already received a bankruptcy discharge within the past six to eight years, you are prohibited from filing Chapter 7.

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