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Without much warning, anyone can find themselves under the burden of overwhelming debt. Even with careful financial planning, an unexpected life event like a serious injury with steep medical bills can drain your finances.

When you are living with deep debt and don’t know what to do, pick up the phone, dial (717) 559-0271, and talk to our bankruptcy attorney in York. We can help you decide if Chapter 7, Chapter 13, or Chapter 11 bankruptcy will be right for you.

Tap into the Many Benefits of Bankruptcy

For the most part, bankruptcy gets an unfair reputation. People assume it is a negative process that leaves them with next to nothing. In reality, bankruptcy can be a great, freeing experience that clears away debt without risking much of your property.

Advantages of bankruptcy filings include but are not limited to:

  • Debt discharge: The most obvious benefit of a successful bankruptcy filing is the discharge of your unsecured debts. Depending on the type of bankruptcy you choose, the extent of your debt, and the health of your income, you may be able to discharge some, most, or all of your debt with one filing.
  • Automatic stay: When you file for bankruptcy in court, the court will issue an automatic stay on your financial accounts and for your properties. The automatic stay essentially tells creditors that they must cease and desist all actions against you, or else face legal consequences. Lasting until your bankruptcy case is concluded or the court removes it, automatic stays prevent wage garnishment, prohibit collection agencies from contacting, halt foreclosures, and more.
  • Exemptions: You can hold onto property of certain types and of certain values through your bankruptcy thanks to bankruptcy exemptions. For example, you might be able to keep your car and home, even if you are under significant debt. Pennsylvania has its own set of bankruptcy exemptions, but there are also federal exemptions you might want to choose instead.
  • Peace of mind: Perhaps most importantly, bankruptcy filings can give you real peace of mind, especially thanks to automatic stays. With the guidance of our York bankruptcy attorney, you can navigate bankruptcy confidently and know that you have a real chance at a debt-free tomorrow.

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