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  • Debunking 5 Common Bankruptcy Myths
    Debunking 5 Common Bankruptcy Myths

    Understanding the Truth about Bankruptcy There is no getting around it: Many people simply do not understand bankruptcy. Though filing helps countless individuals and their families regain control of ...

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  • No ‘Shame’ in Filing Bankruptcy
    No ‘Shame’ in Filing Bankruptcy

    We’ve seen it at our firm over and over again: A client comes to us and they feel ashamed about wanting to file bankruptcy. Somehow, they believe there is a stigma about filing bankruptcy and they ...

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  • Is Bankruptcy My Only Option?
    Is Bankruptcy My Only Option?

    If you are currently unable to continue making payments on large debts, it is important that you take appropriate action to remedy the problem in a way that will cause the least long-term damage to ...

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  • Bankruptcy Myths Busted!
    Bankruptcy Myths Busted!

    Only people with zero spending control file for bankruptcy, right? Nothing could be further from the truth, say bankruptcy attorneys nationwide. Just ask any bankruptcy lawyer why their clients are ...

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