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What Should You Look for in a York & Harrisburg Bankruptcy Lawyer?

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Once you’ve decided that you need to consult a bankruptcy attorney, you are presented with yet another tough decision: choosing the right lawyer.

There is no shortage of Harrisburg & York bankruptcy attorneys, but finding one you can trust with helping you improve your financial future does not have to a long and difficult process. Below is a list of important characteristics you should carefully consider to find a bankruptcy lawyer that you can confidently partner with.

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Free Initial Bankruptcy Consultations

In most areas of law, a reputable firm will offer potential clients an initial consultation at no cost, and bankruptcy law is no different. A lawyer who offers a free consultation is probably confident in demonstrating his value to the client. The first consultation also allows a bankruptcy attorney to get a grasp on your unique financial situation to ensure that he can help you.

The most important reason to find a bankruptcy lawyer who offers free initial consultations is so that you can decide whether the attorney is credible. It gives you the opportunity to speak with the lawyer and decide whether he is the kind of person you could envision yourself working with — all without spending a cent.

At Dethlefs, Pykosh & Murphy Law, we are proud to offer our potential clients with risk-free, complimentary case evaluations. We take the time to meet our clients, sit down with them, and listen to their stories. Call our office to schedule your appointment.

Forthright About the Costs

A bankruptcy attorney’s honesty about the cost of services is crucial. During your initial consultation, you should make sure the lawyer can give you a straightforward and honest answer about the cost of his services. Like with most professionals, you may get an estimate of the cost — not a bill — but the attorney should readily provide you information explaining his rates or billing practices.

At Dethlefs, Pykosh & Murphy Law, we are honest about our fees and costs. To learn more about our legal fees, we encourage you to visit our Cost of Hiring a Bankruptcy Lawyer page.

The Lawyer’s Practice Focuses on Bankruptcy

In bankruptcy, the saying, “jack of all trades, master of none” rings true. You are having financial difficulties and don’t just need an attorney, you need a bankruptcy attorney. Bankruptcy law is incredibly complex and constantly changing — you want a lawyer who focuses his practice on this field.

A ‘Hands On’ Approach

Beware of the bankruptcy attorney “bait and switch.” Do not be afraid to ask the bankruptcy attorney if he will be the one who would be handling your case, should you choose his services.

Many firms trick potential clients into believing that they will partner face-to-face with the bankruptcy lawyer, only to later learn that nearly all of their partnering will be with a paralegal or legal assistant — not the attorney. Be sure to ask the bankruptcy lawyer if he will be personally handling your case and personally accessible as developments arise.

Demonstrated Commitment and Passion

During your initial consultation, do you get the feeling that the bankruptcy attorney truly wants to help you? It’s no secret that lawyers earn their living by representing clients, but the best attorneys demonstrate a committed passion to using their expertise to better the lives of their clients. The bankruptcy lawyer should show genuine concern for your financial problems and optimism for helping you resolve them.

Specialization and Certification

Specialization and certification is closely related to an attorney’s commitment and passion. Is the lawyer a member of legal bankruptcy organizations? These organizations are committed to providing members with additional expertise so they can best serve their clients.

Some notable legal bankruptcy organizations include the Pennsylvania Middle District Bankruptcy Bar Association (PMDBBA) and the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA).

Putting It All Together

A Pennsylvania bankruptcy attorney should give you a feeling of assurance that he can both help you and work cooperatively with you. He should provide you with a clear understanding of his costs and demonstrate professionalism. In short, the lawyer should impress you and make you feel good about your decision to contact him.