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The Truth About Debt Settlement or Negotiation

Our York & Harrisburg Bankruptcy Lawyers Are on Your Side

When we first sit down with our clients, we are amazed at how many of them have either considered debt consolidation or negotiation, or have been unfortunately enticed into trying these services to fix their debt problems. The truth is that debt settlement or negotiation services do not act in your interest and are not a real solution to financial problems.

Pennsylvania debt settlement entities make offers to consumers that appear attractive, typically offering to substantially lower the monthly payments. However, these companies just shuffle the cost around, as they tack on large fees for their “services.” The reality is that these debt negotiation services are just subsidiaries of collection companies.

At Dethlefs, Pykosh & Murphy Law, many of our clients have unsuccessfully tried debt consolidation or debt settlement before they even walk in the door, wasting time and money without obtaining results. Our York bankruptcy lawyers offer real solutions to your financial problems and help you decide whether bankruptcy is the right answer for you. Unlike debt settlement entities, we act in your best interest.

Why choose our Harrisburg & York bankruptcy attorneys?

There is no shortage of reasons why you should talk to a Harrisburg & York debt settlement attorney when you are in serious financial trouble, but we’ve assembled a short list of the benefits that our experienced bankruptcy attorneys provide to our clients.

A reputable, experienced, and ethical bankruptcy lawyer should:

  • Always act in your interest.
  • Give you options and help you make the right decision.
  • Help you by using proven methods of overcoming debt, not “too good to be true” scams that cheat you out of money.
  • Be forthright about the cost of his services and should not nail you with hidden fees.
  • Have successfully completed college, law school, the bar exam and a rigorous examination of his or her character.

At Dethlefs, Pykosh & Murphy Law, our York & Harrisburg bankruptcy attorneys are committed to helping you through tough financial times. Our bankruptcy firm employs legal professionals with strong credentials and a demonstrated passion for helping people.

Are you ready to begin a fresh new start? Contact Dethlefs, Pykosh & Murphy Law for your free case evaluation. We are located in York, Harrisburg, and Chambersburg.